Music Studio - Kaz22




Music Studio - Kaz22

This is a private music production studio of Kaz22.
The songs -- mostly instrumental pieces, though some are with lyrics --
are organised and presented in "Albums".
Click on the audio iconto listen.
You can download the mp3 files if you like, but please be aware of my

New Releases Since 2021

1 No Escape 2021
2 Till the Cows Come Home 2021 New


No Escape ---… from the clutches of IOC, it seems.
Till the Cows Come Home ---When I started writing this piece, "cows" hadno place in it, but I wanted to create the early 70's soundscape. So I startedfidldling with the Arturia's software version of Buchla Music Easel, and that'swhere they came out from, along with the buzzing "insects".