Alias: wanwan-mowmow
(aka Kaz22)
Gender: male
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

@ ドッグ・ガイドbyアニマルプラネットPembroke  Welsh Corgi より

A 爆風スランプ「Here Comes the  BAKUFU-SLUMP」(アルバム: 青春王)より

ワンワン ニャーニャー ブーブー モーモー


This is a dual language site. It means that contents are presented either in Japanese or
in English, only occasionally in both.

Music Studio

Partly in Japanese.

It's my private music production studio.
Listen to the songs I wrote, and browse
the list of gears I've accumulated over
the years.

Sorry, this section is in Japanese only.
旧WanWan-MowMowブログサイトとStudio Kaz22の音楽・楽器関連記事、所有楽器・機材のコメント記事を掲載しています。

Collection of old blog articles and personal
comments on some of my music gears.
PC Software
In Enlish and Japanese.
Download the RPN calculator I programed
for PC.

What's New

2024.07.20 Music:  No Escape (Reaper 2024 Remix)
2024.04.30 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Roland SH-4d
2023.09.24 Music:  Skeltons in the Closet
2023.07.23 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Roland Blues Cube Hot
2023.05.06 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Effects Bakery Uguisu Bread Tremolo
2023.01.06 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Effects Bakery Choco Cornet EQ
2023.01.06 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Effects Bakery Melon Pan Chorus
2022.12.08 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Effects Bakery Plain BreadCompressor
2022.12.01 Music:  Mira La Luz
2022.09.01 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Roland RD-88
2022.06.30 Music:  Sonatina for Guitar and Harpsichord
2022.06.11 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Paco Castillo 232TE
2022.03.01 Blog:  楽器・機材の紹介 Effects Bakery French Bread Delay
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